Determining the Look of Your New Garage Door

If you’re in the market for garage doors Des Moines, there are several key factors you’ll want to consider before buying. Of course you’ll want safety and security. Those are a given. But don’t put the visual appeal of your garage door on the backburner. This is something that will be on the front of your house for years to come. You need to make sure it’s not an eyesore, and will delight you each time you see it.

Do you want something that is more traditional looking? How about something contemporary or modern? Choosing the right look for your house should be high on your list of priorities.

One thing that you may want to consider when determining look, is the material of your door.

1.    Wood

This is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing material. You really can’t beat the timelessness of wood. However, it is the least durable and requires a lot of maintenance. If you are comfortable with that, wood is a great addition to any home.

2.    Steel

This is the most common and least expensive material of any garage door. It’s very durable and can offer increased security. It does take quite a bit to pretty up a steel door though. Luckily, you have the luxury of hiring professionals who have been in the business for years. They will have the experience needed to make your steel door beautiful.

3.    Fiberglass

For garage doors Des Moines, this is probably not the best option. While durable, fiberglass has a tendency to crack in cold weather. With the snowy season, this option is better left to warmer climates.

4.    Aluminum

Highly resistant to corrosion and rust, this material is great for wet weather. It has all the durability of steel as well. Slightly more expensive, this is a smart investment.

5.    Vinyl

The newest addition to garage door material is vinyl. It’s durable and low maintenance. Even better is the fact that it’s affordable. A vinyl door is able to be customized to look almost any way that you want. Technology has advanced in the world of garage doors and vinyl is the best material on the market so far.

Another thing to think about when visualizing your new door is how you want it open. Not only is this for function’s sake, but it will also determine the look of your house.

1.    Roll up

Consisting of several smaller pieces connected to one large unit, these doors roll overhead when opened. They also require a lot of maintenance.

2.    Sectional

Three or four panels connected with hinges, these doors take up the most ceiling space. They also need regular maintenance in order to keep all the mechanical parts working.

3.    Tilt in

garage doors Des Moines

These single panel doors open with a ceiling mounted track. They require the least amount of maintenance, and are often the cheapest option.

Speak with a garage door professional and determine what type of door will keep you the happiest over the next thirty years or more.