A mobile laundry facility for the homeless community of Denver, CO


A Worthwhile Cause

Think about how great you feel when you put on a clean shirt. Think about how confident you feel walking into a job interview looking your best. We sometimes tend to overlook these basic fundamentals of life, but the reality is that so many people don't know what that feels like because they lack access to clean clothes. 

For people experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty in Denver, Colorado, not having access to clean clothes is a proven barrier to success.  Primary hygiene needs such as a laundry are often an overlooked but essential for anyone trying to take those first steps towards improving their lives and reaching their full potential. 

Change that Counts

Our goal is simple: to support this under-served community one clean shirt at a time.  Bayaud Enterprises in collaboration with Radian Inc. are proud to introduce a plan for a mobile laundry service to help alleviate the financial, health, and safety issues that arise when adequate laundry services are not readily available. 

We are on the precipice of a new era in addressing the urgent needs of this population, where homeless individuals are taking the lead in their own journey out of poverty. This is our chance to make a real difference. We need your help to make this concept come to life.


The Design

In the Spring of 2016, Bayaud Enterprises retired a commercial truck that was used in their paper shredder business. Rather than sell the truck, they saw an opportunity to create a mobile laundry truck. An innovative idea, the laundry truck will include six stacked washer and dryer units, a utility sink, an outreach desk, a folding table, and a water heater. In its first year, the truck will service the community three days per week, eight hours per day. Its projected load cycle for the first year is 8,250 loads of laundry.

Clean clothes work wonders on my mental and physical hygiene.
— Marcus Harris, formerly homeless
As someone who was recently homeless, clean laundry was so critical, especially when affordable housing is so competitive.
— Mary Anna Thompson, Denver CO

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